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About Us

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to ENGAGE, EXPERIMENT and DISCOVER



We engage learners in exciting, real-world learning.  All of our programs are hands-on and we utilise a variety of teaching strategies to cater for different learning styles.



Trial and error, reflection and adjustment are not just part of science; it is part of how humans learn.  We provide opportunities for students to rotate through different experiment stations, building on knowledge and trialling new ideas.


Research shows that when we discover something for ourselves (rather than being told or shown), we are more likely to retain that information.  We enable discovery learning and inspire students to become problem solvers.

Who we are

When you book with us, you get 15 years of science specialist teaching, classroom experience and incursion delivery delivered by experienced and enthusiastic VIT-registered teachers.

How we do it

We engage students in exciting real-world learning, enabling students to experiment and discover.  What we aren’t is a science ‘show’.  Instead of students watching science, students will be doing science. Through getting hands-on and experimenting, problem-solving and discovering, students will be building new neural pathways to support deeper learning.

What you get
  • Stimulating, hands-on learning;

  • Victorian Curriculum-aligned incursions and fulfillment of Science curriculum objectives;

  • Teacher Professional Development strategies and tips;

  • FREE pre- and post-incursion lessons, including an assessable task (think of how easy this will make your life at report-writing time)!!!

  • Great value for money compared to going on an excursion;

  • Less disruption to schools and timetables compared to going on an excursion;

  • Students going home excited by their experiences and discoveries.

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