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Bees Knees

Designed for Preschool - Year 6

Our Bees Knees incursions have been so popular we've had to give them their own website, to find out more, please visit

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Live bees presented safely in an amazing classroom experience!

Our school and kinder bee incursions are delivered by a registered beekeeper and experienced classroom teacher.


Join us on an amazing discovery of bees, the unBEElievable order of the colony and importance of bees in the environment. With over a third of the food we eat pollinated by bees, the survival of bees is linked to our own.  This hands-on, interactive and multi-modal incursion really is the bee’s knees!  

We safely display bees in sealed observation frame, showing the wax comb, bees and their BEEhaviour, larvae, pollen and honey stores.  Your students will discover the different tastes of honey and how beekeepers use nature and technology to care for bees and harvest honey. 

Depending on your topic and your year level, our incursions will also focus on:

  • History of beekeeping

  • Pollination

  • Food production and sustainability

  • Civics and citizenship; the roles of the bees in the hive

  • Design and technology; using wax and the hexagonal structure

  • Chemistry; the properties of wax and honey


All incursions are Victorian Curriculum aligned, come with free pre- and post-incursion resources and email and phone support for any questions that you and your students have following our visit.

Important stuff

  • Bees are seasonal creatures and these sessions are available from September - May.

  • Each session runs for 60 minutes. We can adjust to fit 50 minute timetables.

  • Numbers are limited to one class (approximately 25 students) per session, to enable maximum participation and meaningful hands-on time with our bees.

  • We require the use of a large indoor space such as a BER building, multipurpose room or double-classroom.

  • We will arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the beginning of the session to set up.

  • We have full public liability insurance.

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(because we have progressed past the Saxon times, when landlords accepted part-payment for rent in honey!)

Our competitive pricing structure is excellent value for money.

  • Minimum callout: (includes up to two sessions, with up to 50 children in total) $545 + GST. 

  • 3+ sessions $275 + GST per session.

Our special bee-proof observation frame is sealed shut and unable to be opened by children.  Please let us know if you have children with bee allergies or fear of bees, as we will take special steps to enable them to participate.  No bee has ever escaped from our observation frame.

Enquire Now

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Terms and Conditions:

An estimation of the total cost of the incursion will be made based on current or projected student numbers at the time of booking.  Cancellations made 5 or less business days before the date of the incursion will be charged for 50% of the estimated cost of the incursion.

Rural schools 50KM+ from Melbourne may incur a travel surcharge, please discuss this with us when you book.

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