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Festivals and Events

Engaging presentations and workshops for your festival or event

Let us entertain and engage your participants at your next festival and event.  We have a range of exciting, hands-on activities that are sure to wow the crowds:

  • Aquatic scientists

  • Minibeasts

  • Bee keeping

  • Chemical sciences shows and workshops

  • Giant bubble shows and workshops

Aquatic Scientists


As kids dip their nets into our ponds, their adults reminisce about their own childhoods spent with nets down at the creek. 


Our aquatic scientist festival and event activities include:

  • Yabby catching;

  • Macroinvertebrate (water bug) catching;

  • Science stations with microscopes;

  • Art and engineering stations for participants to construct their own bug or remodel a waterway


Get hands on with a range of weird and wonderful critters including butterflies, caterpillars, giant litter bugs, stick insects and yabbies. 


Participants can:

  • Feed and hold our animals

  • Use microscopes to zoom in on the amazing features of our animals

  • Create bugs with our art activities

  • Catch bugs in our ponding trays.

Bee keeping


Join us on an amazing discovery of bees, the unBEElievable order of the colony and importance of bees in the environment.  


We safely display bees in sealed observation frame, showing the bees and their BEEhaviour, wax comb, larvae, pollen and honey stores.

  • Learn about how to create a bee-friendly garden

  • Find out more about our fascinating native bees and how to help them

  • Learn about bee keeping and the fascinating lives of honey bees

  • Compare honey from different types of blossom

Bees for montage.jpg
Giant bubble shows and workshops

Giant bubbles with their iridescent patterns bring wonder and joy to any outdoor event.  Our bubble shows are interactive and engaging and include our super cooled bouncing bubbles, filled with dry-ice fog. 


What makes us different is that we can add a workshop component to our bubble shows, teaching participants about how to make their own bubble mix and bubble wands from everyday materials.

  • Create joy and play at your event

  • Amazing bouncing boo-bubbles

  • Bubble demonstrations

  • Bubble mix and bubble wand workshops.

(There is $40 per hour surcharge for materials for this package)

Labcoat Learning Bubble Workshop.JPG
Mad scientist shows and workshops

Our shows and workshops are hands-on and more than a little bit fun. 


We demonstrate how simple ingredients that you can find at home and at the supermarkets can be transformed into awesome, engaging science experiences.

  • Catch fog from dry ice in bouncing boo-bubbles

  • Launch fizz-rockets

  • Defy gravity

  • Create fountains of foam

  • Be amazed at squishy, stretchy polymers!

(There is $40 per hour surcharge for materials for this package)

Dry Ice Fog.jpg
We are the education provider for you because:
  • We are experienced working in partnership with local governments and other organisations;

  • Our experience ranges from biodiversity education to stakeholder engagement for Master Plans;

  • We work with you to impart your messages while we interact with participants;

  • Our activities can be tailored to you.


One Presenter - $275 +GST/hour

Two Presenters - $500 +GST/hour

Minimum duration : 3 hours.

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