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Designed for years 3 - 6

Frog bogs, kitchen gardens, nest box building and butterfly gardening; they all make up our Rewilding programs, designed to get your students outdoors and in touch with nature.

We are experienced in conducting Junior Landcare and Kitchen Garden Specialist sessions and we will develop unique programs particular to your area of interest or need.  These sessions can be one-off incursions or part of an ongoing program or investigation and are often part of a sustainability unit.

We utilise students’ natural curiosity to drive discovery learning, as well as a range of teaching techniques to ensure maximum engagement, participation and interaction.    We link our Rewilding program to other parts of our programs whenever possible, allowing students to use microscopes, examine creatures and conduct chemical tests.

The Biological Sciences curriculum covered in this incursion focusses on living things, their features, adaptations, interdependence and the physical conditions of the environment where they live. 

We will work with you to develop a program that includes the curriculum objectives, cross-curricular links and your learning aims.

What others say


“Sam’s teaching expertise and passion for science has ensured every specialist session he’s delivered for us has been engaging, fun and educational. Whether it’s putting together a session as per our requested topic or a subject suggested by Sam, he has always hit the mark in assessing student capabilities, and the right mix of prac, theory and fun to keep the kids engaged whilst they learn. I highly recommend him for incursions in kitchen garden and science.” Carol, Kitchen Garden Coordinator, NPS.


Important stuff
  • Numbers are limited to 25 students per session, to enable maximum participation and meaningful hands-on time.

  • We require the use of a large indoor space such as a BER building, multipurpose room or double-classroom.

  • We will arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the beginning of the session to set up.

  • We have full public liability insurance.

Enquire Now
Terms and Conditions:

An estimation of the total cost of the incursion will be made based on current or projected student numbers at the time of booking.  Cancellations made 5 or less business days before the date of the incursion will be charged for 50% of the estimated cost of the incursion.

Rural schools 50KM+ from Melbourne may incur a travel surcharge, please discuss this with us when you book.


Pricing for our rewilding programs vary according to the type of program, resources required, time required and whether the program is ongoing.  Please contact us for a quote.

Thanks! Message sent.

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